Benefit by water especially for kidney.

Know of water, not only beautify the skin, to consume water regularly useful rid the body of toxins.

Drinking water after waking beneficial to health. According to Samuel Oetoro, Nutrition Specialist Hospital Clinic of Siloam, during sleep the body out a lot of water or evaporation occurs.

“Seventy percent of our body consists of water. Water in the body used by the organs of the body that never stopped working during sleep, including brain, heart and kidney. So after waking up, is recommended to drink water, “says Dr. Samuel.

When sleeping metabolic cells kept walking and water in the body help cells work. So, after 6-8 hours of sleep, the body can experience water deficits, because in the process of cell metabolism, there will be wasted water. Consumption of water after getting out of bed in the morning to replace lost body fluids.

If it does not consume water after waking, the body can also be mineral deficiencies which can damage the health. “Just one drink after waking, will be very beneficial for the body,” said Samuel.

Not just after waking up, drinking water is also recommended before bedtime. But should the consumption of water before bed is not excessive because it can cost you because it triggers more frequent trips to the restroom as well as bad effect on heart function and kidney.

have you drink water today!

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