Understanding Pollution and Waste

If we hear it then surely that is in our memory is the destruction of the environment.Understanding Pollution and Waste.

You Apau it Taukah Pollution and Waste?

If we hear it then surely that is in our memory is the destruction of the environment. Pollution is pollution caused by sewage or garbage dumped out of place. Usually we associate this with the pollution of air pollution, but pollution is the name of everything from water pollution, air pollution to the ground. Everything is of course very dangerous for the environment and harming human life. While waste is waste generated from production aktifias.

Examples such as the factory is one of the causes of air pollution.

Average air pollution resulting from motor vehicle exhaust or factory fumes. With the fumes, the air is dirty and we breathe it too will feel crowded. Even if we pollute the air with za-specific substance, could be a toxic air you know. We look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. Many diagnostic time after the atomic bomb is exploded, we definitely know there is a large mushroom cloud billowing into the sky. Well mushroom cloud carries radioactive dust particles are very dangerous. A few days later after missing the mushroom cloud, rain water was black and thick. The water was so poisonous you know. But the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki forced to drink it and be able to guess they have poisoned.

That’s the danger of pollution are not aware of. In the meantime, we are still removing wastes that may cause pollution. So it can be said if we continue to release the waste, the pollution would not be inevitable. For that we must be smart to process the waste there and try my best to restore the natural resources which have been exposed to pollution. In fact many ways to clean up polluted natural resources.

To restore contaminated land, we can do to make soil conservation afforestation or reforestation is also called. Plants can help to enrich the soil and can absorb some of the chemicals in the soil. For water, we can make water filtration technology with advanced technology or simple. For advanced technology, it seems difficult for us ordinary people to do it because it is expensive. So should we do with the simple technology of water filtration. The trick is to stack the layers of sand, gravel, and soil in a drum. Then put the dirty water and if water has been flowing at the bottom of the drum, the water will be clean. The layers had been filtering out the impurities in the water so that water can be clean again.

For that we must all participate in the fight against waste and pollution for a better life. We have to find other technologies that can be used to reduce pollution in our environment.

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