Top 10 Longest Rivers in The Philippines

Here are the 10 longest rivers in the Philippine archipelago.

Rio Grande de Cagayan or simply Cagayan River, with a total length of 505 kilometers, is the longest and widest river in the Philippines. This great river of great economic importance bisects the Cagayan Valley from north to south. Also considered as the mightiest watercourse, Cagayan River sources its water from smaller rivers and streams in the 3 most popular mountain ranges in the country namely; Sierra Madre, Caraballo and Cordillera.

1.) Cagayan River – 505 km

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As already mentioned above, Cagayan River is the country’s largest and longest river. It is situated in the most prominent and productive valley in the archipelago – the Cagayan Valley. The headwaters of Cagayan River are at the Caraballo Mountains in Central Luzon more than 1,500 meters above sea level. Cagayan River has a drainage area of about 27,300 km².

2.) Mindanao River – 373 km

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Mindanao River or Rio Grande de Mindanao is the country’s second largest river system. The river is Mindanao’s 2nd largest river and has a drainage area of 23,169 km². It is also the second longest Philippine river with a length of 373 km.

3.) Magat River – 353 km

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Magat River is one of the most popular rivers in the Philippines. It is located in Luzon and is the largest tributary of Cagayan River, the country’s longest and largest river system. Magat River has an estimated drainage area of 5, 110 km² and the Magat River Integrated Irrigation System Project is one of the largest irrigation projects in the Philippines. It is 353 km in length.

4.) Agusan River – 350 km

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Agusan River in Mindanao’s eastern part has a total drainage area of 10,921 km² and an estimated length of 350 kilometers from its origin. The headwaters of the Agusan River are found in the mountains of Compostela Valley.

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