The Truth About Fracking

Fracking refers to a complex technology, is bored with the deep for unconventional gas resources in the ground. In the United States for 10 years, "gefrackt" – with the result that poisoned drinking water wells near the wells and the people are sick there. For a short time also in Germany first test holes instead of Fracking technology. Previously, neither citizens nor representative water authorities have been informed. An online petition of concerned citizens calls for transparency in the tails and advocates for the rights of man and nature.
Fracking – What is it?

Fracking refers to a complex technology, is bored with the deep for unconventional gas resources in the ground. In the United States for 10 years, “gefrackt” – with the result that poisoned drinking water wells near the wells and the people are sick there. For a short time also in Germany first test holes instead of Fracking technology. Previously, neither citizens nor representative water authorities have been informed. An online petition of concerned citizens calls for transparency in the tails and advocates for the rights of man and nature.
Fracking – What is it?

Rising gas prices make the promotion of unconventional gas resources such as coalbed and shale gas is becoming increasingly viable. Compared to natural gas, which can be recovered easily from so-called natural gas traps, shale gas is stored in rocks and can only with the help of sophisticated technology – called deep drilling Fracking (or “hydraulic fracturing” is named) – obtained.

Here, a mixture of water, sand and various chemicals at high pressure is forced to up to 1,500 meters deep borehole. Caused cracks in the rock now – similar to a blast or an earthquake – through which you can suck the gas. Worryingly, increasing by just this completely uncontrollable cracks in the rock up the remaining chemicals into groundwater and poison the water so many millions of people can.
Fracking promises billions in profits

In Europe are 50 trillion cubic meters of that lie hidden in the stone-bound gas deep in the earth, much of it in Germany. Multi-corporations like Exxon, BNK Petroleum, Mingas and Wintershall are about to stake their claims Fracking-order as soon as the hoped to pocket billions in profits. With Fracking – say the energy companies – leaving stimulate the economy. Also, jobs may be created by Fracking and green energy sources are developed.

In view of thousands of tons of chemicals that are pumped per Fracking operation in the Earth and – like the American Fracking-day shows – may well also get into groundwater and the environment, is the supposed environmental friendliness of the new energy source not only doubtful, but not simply available.
Fracking in Germany

In North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, but the first Fracking licenses have been issued. The mining authorities of Lower Saxony approved such as the energy giant Exxon as early as 2008, the first drilling for shale gas. Since the mining law does not provide information to the public, hardly knew anyone. Sun learned water authorities, water works and public representatives only from the press, that the search in the catchment area of ​​water protection zone by Fracking of gas.
Fracking – without chemicals as it gets

The so-called frac-liquid (or Fracking fluid) is 98 percent up to 20,000 liters of water (per Fracking operation), a little quartz sand and 0.2 percent of chemicals. The latter are required to indemnify the pumping means. A certain portion of the frac fluid always remains in the soil. The quantitative composition of the drilling fluid is so far a secret of the oil and gas industry. The companies argue, according to a report from the news agency Reuters that the publication would prejudice the ingredients competition. A very good reason for the secrecy should be the other hand, public skepticism about the chemicals concerned.
as can chemicals in each Fracking operation

In Germany, in the mission Monitor published a list of the Fracking used some highly toxic chemicals. The fracturing fluid thus contains cancer-causing, hormone-changing and highly polluting toxins, namely, tetramethyl ammonium chloride, petroleum distillates, and octylphenol biocides from the group of isothiazolinones.

    Tetramethyl ammonium chloride is classified according to the relevant safety data in the Water Hazard Class 1, is considered hazardous for water, but should not get into ground water, water or sewage, even in small quantities. Nevertheless, per Fracking process 19,000 tonnes of tetramethyl ammonium chloride are used.
    Octylphenol is a toxic and persistent substance defined as a phenolic resin for the manufacture of rubber tires, inks, etc. is used and is classified in the so-called Water Framework Directive as a priority. This means that water is toxic and is octylphenol in the water hazard class 2 At present some thoughts on a possible pollution to octylphenol including the tire wear, and proposes mitigation measures to keep the material largely from our environment. Now if used per week Fracking process 9.5 tonnes of the substance to be responsible are likely to find a whole new volume octylphenol problem again.
    Biocides from the group of isothiazolinones belong to the highest possible water hazard class, namely 3 and are therefore extremely hazardous for water. Isothiazolinones are used as preservatives in detergents, adhesives, paints, etc. used because they kill microorganisms (bacteria, fungi). In humans, they often lead to a contact allergy, which is why they are now hardly used in personal care products. Pro Fracking process 680 kilograms of highly water-polluting substances into the environment.

Environmental authorities: From Fracking no idea

The potential dangers of Fracking is therefore unmanageably. Moreover, has worked in Germany so far, neither the EPA nor an environmental ministry with the Fracking risks. What can develop from a combination of ignorance and economic interests of the population and the environment, we see the United States. There is Fracking for 10 years everyday.
Fracking in the U.S.

In the meantime a total of 34 states, 90 percent of U.S. gas with Fracking methods are obtained. The Marcellus Shale, a rock formation in eastern North America, where the Fracking is rampant, should be concealed as much gas, so that all U.S. homes and electricity could be supplied for a period of 20 years. No wonder America is in the “gas rush”. And so the run creates the huge energy reservoir in fact thousands of jobs and boosting economic growth even in states such as Wyoming, Texas and Louisiana (Business Week). In Pennsylvania alone was Fracking in 2009 for tax revenue at $ 389 million and created 44,000 new jobs in the same year.
Environmental Protection Agency holds out the

It becomes clear why politicians support well drilling. Nothing is they rather than letting the current tight economic situation as far behind. If at the same time, however, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency – U.S. authorities to protect the environment and human health) and other responsible authorities are silent, then the suspicion arises that something bad will take place in secret. The Business Week writes:

    The drilling for gas is hardly monitored by the EPA or other state or local authorities. These authorities have their own rules.

Better late than never

After 10 years and numerous Fracking poisoned drinking water wells, the EPA now wants to bring a country-wide investigation on the way to learn more about the dangers of Fracking of public drinking water supply. Unfortunately, this task will prove to be extremely difficult because the companies refuse to disclose the ingredients of the fracturing fluid disclosed.
Risk of Bohrunfälle

In the relevant areas of the U.S. spread the harmful chemicals in any case already made on the basis of Bohrunfällen. In a recent accident involved the release of thousands of liters of fluid in the Fracking Towanda Creek in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. According to the American news agency AP and the news channel MSNBC, the technique failed in a Gasbohrstation the company Chesapeake Energy Corp.. The liquid, which could not be immediately detained, spread to the surrounding agricultural fields and in the adjacent rivers. The energy company is finally able to bring the leak under control – five days after the accident had happened.
Contaminated water supplies

Against the company Chesapeake Energy, Chesapeake Appalachia and NOMAC Drilling on behalf of the families of Bradford County, who had leased their land to these companies were brought ads. The families claim, according to the online edition of the Daily Review (a newspaper in Pennsylvania) that they must be “new suffering daily because of the negative effect of making the oil and gas drilling.” The statements of claim, prepared by the organization The Marcellus Shale Oil and Gas Litigation Group, indicate that the “gross negligence conducted oil and Gasbohraktivitäten” had contaminated the property and the water resources of the applicants.

In addition to grossly negligent accidents, there are leaky fountain foundations in the ground or leaks at the surface. Even without accidents, and more or less obvious leaks environmentalists fear that hazardous chemicals Fracking through the rock into the groundwater to penetrate and contaminate the fresh water reservoirs in this manner can.
GAS LAND – The film, which opens the eyes

Gas companies gave $ 100,000 Josh Fox, for him to lease his land for natural gas production by Fracking. Fox refused and decided to instead make a documentary titled “Gas Land” to show people what happens when Fracking.

During the shooting he met with tap water due to a high methane content of flammable flowed from the taps, to large bodies of water full of toxic waste, on the banks of dead was the cattle and the vegetation had disappeared, to chronically ill residents, in different drilling areas had the same noticeable symptoms and to gas explosions and other accidents, which were routinely swept under the carpet

In Germany there are now the same gas companies that tell us that Fracking was safe and there can be no pollution.
Close friendships between politicians and energy lobbyists

Why Fracking is not set? The economic interests are too large and influential politicians work hand in hand with the lobbyists for the energy industry. So the news page reported in its documentary “The Marcellus Shale: The Politics of Gas” by apparent conflicts of interest, the New York legislature in matters Fracking.

The deputy Maurice Hinchey of New York, for example, called for rigorous monitoring of the happily Fracking. But then revealed that his wife at the same time lobbying for the American Association of Professional operating landm, an organization on behalf of energy companies across the country culminating leases. In another case, supported the Republican Senator George Winner of Gasbohrrichtlinien revaluations, as requested by the energy industry. At the same time his own law firm represented the largest natural gas producer in New York.
Fracking-laws: Made by Fracking corporations

Chris Denton, an attorney, dozens of landowners in court represents, DC Bureau reported on a bill drafted by the company Independent Oil and Gas Industry (Ioga) from New York. This law was the energy multinationals in the pursuit of their dubious practices Fracking help and allow them to carry out drilling on private property, even if the landowners do not agree. “It is a design by Ioga,” said Denton.

    They wrote it down, put him in front of the Parliament, found a sponsor for it and set it down – without any parliamentary hearings – by easily.

Petition against Fracking in Germany

How far the entanglements of politics and the economy flourished in Germany before, we do not know. But we should do everything to give us the environmental and health hazards Fracking make every effort to meet. The petition to the Petitions of the Parliament in Nordrhein-Westfalen/Niedersachsen can be found here. Draw with!

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