The Importance of Man on Earth

God’s creation of man has fostered advanced development on earth.

The idea of God to create something next to his kind is indeed a giant decision that is out of the ordinary. To initiate the activities of man such that the process of development of this planet earth to make it a glorious and exciting place to be is solely dependent on his effort is really mysterious. What God created has indeed made this world a better place to be. Man has indeed grown, developed and continued what God began by the talent, skill and creativity that he deposited him.

God will look at the level of development in the world and say: “Man, you have indeed maximized your abilities and represented my express image. When God created man, the only resource around him was raw materials in the garden of trees, plants, rivers and animals. Now God blessed man after creation to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth and the word of God which has life in it, manifested. Man has been creative ever since and has been able to develop the raw materials into first class finished products.

Consider that what we need for our very survival on earth was produced by man. Let’s take the basic needs in life, food, water, clothing, shelter and electricity without which survival will have been difficult. There was no processed food in the beginning but now we have all kinds of assorted foods, packaged and already prepared ones which needs about five minutes of heating.

Man further developed the skill to prepare a thing like “fufu”. Ghanaians discovered it and learnt the process of preparation which is a form of development itself but can be improved. Water has been improved from it raw state of rivers. Look at the processes the water we drink from Akosombo goes through. It tastes sweeter than the “Weija dam” which still looks from it original source mixed with plants and leaves. That is a form of development as well.

Man realized that, the rivers could taste better than they used to so they began to think and derive ways of improvement. We even have more sophisticated water systems as the mineral water which is rich and nourishing to human health. That is the only raw product that has not seen much processing. It is true from source, it is original.

We have all kinds of diverse clothing from what Adam and Eve covered their selves with in the Garden of Eden. There has been excellent process of development to get to such height of accomplishment today. Houses has been developed from sleeping under the trees of the garden of Eden, from living in tents to mansions, solid, brick, block, stone, gravel and well cemented houses. That area has seen major improvement.

Thomas Edison has improved the lamps, the candles and the lanterns to highly efficiently powered digital electricity. We press the switches on our walls and here comes the speed of light. From the command to the result, it has been discovered that, light travels faster than anything else that travels in a straight line. Man has indeed demonstrated we are the express image of him by all that has been. It is true therefore that after God, man is next.

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