The Dirty Truth About Bp Gulf Oil Spill Dispersant: Nalco Corexit

Dig down the rabbit hole and follow the money…

Corexit is being used as the chemical dispersant on the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster. I also wrote this article referencing Corexit and its United Kingdom banning:

EPA Allowed BP to Use Toxic Banned Dispersant on Gulf Coast Oil

I want to make it known to the reader that google has been scrubbed of Corexit info. When I wrote the above article, much more information was available. The New York Times even deleted part of an article that they published, with Corexit information. This stuff is deadly and they want to hide that fact from everyone.

This is a basic run down of some facts and information about Corexit. I’m not a scientist, so I will leave out the technical details and stick with the basic ideas and facts:
1. Corexit is a chemical dispersant used on oil spills. It breaks down the oil into smaller particles. It hides the oil by breaking it down and sinking it to a lower depth. This is purely for a visual fix, the oil is still there, but now mixed with chemicals.
2. Corexit was banned in the United Kingdom over a decade ago. They banned it because they said that compared to other dispersant’s, Corexit is more toxic and less effective.
3. Corexit was used during the Exxon Valdez oil spill and has been linked to illness and death. The variety of illnesses caused by Corexit are respiratory, nervous system, liver disorders, kidney disorders, blood disorders, headaches, vomiting and reproductive problems.
4. BP was allowed to choose what dispersant to use. BP was stockpiled with Corexit and continued ordering it. When the EPA told BP to use something else, BP did not stop using Corexit. The EPA has yet to enforce that BP stop using Corexit.

5. Corexit is being manufactured and supplied by Nalco. Nalco is in Naperville, IL which is just outside of Chicago. Chicago…the same corrupt city that our President calls home.
6. Nalco has an affiliation with University of Chicago. Specifically, the Argonne Program. This program was given $164 million in federal stimulus funds last year. This year, the Argonne Program added 2 new executives. One of them was from Nalco.

6. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway holds shares in Nalco. He is not the only incredibly rich and powerful person with Nalco associations, but his may be the sloppiest. Berkshire first took holdings of Nalco in February 2009, but increased those holdings at the end of 2009 and is currently holding nearly 9 million shares in Nalco. This makes Berkshire the 2nd largest holder of Nalco stock.
7. Goldman Sachs also has a role in this but I’m going to leave it at that…

8. Follow the money.

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4 Responses to “The Dirty Truth About Bp Gulf Oil Spill Dispersant: Nalco Corexit”
  1. Business women Says...

    On June 16, 2010 at 5:09 am

    This was to be expected given the lack of mangement/executive experience of our beloved president. He did not know how to anticipate a disaster and does not know how to mobilize response to deal with it. I believe Obama was playing a lawyer’s game of “who is going to pay for all this in the court of law” rather than what is the impact on my fellow citizens. Again, lack of experience. Even fumbling W was better than this. I am ashamed that we democrats put in a novice in charge of our country. I recall Nixon’s comment ” want to be respected not loved”. Obama wants to be loved but has lost any respect.
    Stephanie Mcnealy

  2. sierra Says...

    On June 17, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Actually I believe Obama is doing exactly what his handlers want him to do…

    Funny, but I wasn’t expecting him to play “bumbling idiot” like the part the last (so called) president played…

    I loved this line:

    “He did not know how to anticipate a disaster and does not know how to mobilize response to deal with it.”

    It makes no sense!

    All the people he chose to work with him are the same people who worked before with other administrations (which is why the whole “CHANGE” thing is so laughable)

    You are actually almost apologizing for him being an incompetent leader!!!

    If you thought and think that he is incapable of running the country because he has no experience, why would you vote for him in the first place and then when he bumbles continue to support him???

    But then again, what more could I expect from a country that allowed a president who was NEVER elected BY THE PEOPLE to run the country for 8 years….

    please wake up

  3. margaret m mugavin Says...

    On June 18, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    THE safest ABSORBENT, not a dispersant

    For The Good of the Gulf and WHAT YOU CAN DO!!! 3 easy steps to help…

  4. Ellen Attar Says...

    On June 23, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    If you want to sign a petition demanding that the use of corexit be halted, go here:

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