The Destruction of The Arctic Fence

How our climate is very readily changing before our eyes.

The past two winters have been some of the worst in several places around the world, in some places it is much warmer than to be expected, and this has many scientists puzzled about what exactly may be causing it.  Just  to mention a few, most of Europe has been completely covered in snow and met with an arctic chill the past two summers, while throughout Northeastern Europe and Greenland, which are historically very cold places, have experienced temperature 15 and 20 degrees above their averages.  Upon reading this data most people would rush to guess that these climatological phenomenons are the dire workings of the global warming menace.  Well, upon research by scientists from the NOAA it has been determined that this alteration of weather patterns across the world is created by the tearing now of a so-called “arctic fence”, which just so happens to be cause by global warming.  This fence is caused by a difference of air pressures, caused by surface temperatures, between the arctic and the rest of the world.  This fence holds most of the cold air in the northernmost regions of the Earth, and does not allow it to spread out.  However, due to the melting of the icecaps the difference in air pressure has shrunk, allowing that wonderful arctic breeze to flow more freely. 

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                Historically, this is the first time in recorded history that the jet streams have been altered in such a way.  We cannot help but wonder and assume if, as humans, we are causing this destruction to our own planet.  If we are, we have to drastically change the ways that we consume energy and goods if we are to preserve the current state of our planet.  Without proper action, these changes to our planet could very easily create much stronger hurricanes, ice ages, or potentially cause the currents of the ocean to stop. 

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