Sodastream (Penguin) Review

Review of the sodastream penguin model.

What’s better then having instant soda at your fingertips? What’s easier then pushing a little button?

Sodastream is a very useful and delightful tool. It makes soda water from tap water or fresh water or any other kind of water you want from the push of a button.Today I will be talking about the penguin model. the Sodastream penguin is elegant and attractive and does not appear as a Box and attached to another box like some of the other models. this Sodastreams price range is around 250$ to 300$ in stores and Can be bought online for around 200$ on sight like Amazon. When you buy a Sodastream penguin the box will contain: 1 Sodastream penguin machine, 2 penguin glass bottles and CO2 container (good for about 60 liters of soda water).

by following the fairly easy instruction you can set up your Sodastream machine in a few minutes by simply placing your CO2 container inside the penguin and reading on how to use it. using the Sodastream takes a few seconds by pumping the penguins beak 2-4 time depending on your preference.Replacing the CO2 cartridge is cheaper then it is to buy another container. You can easily go to a store that refills them and you can get 1 about 10+$ cheaper. You can buy syrups for the Sodawater that are filled with artificial flavoring or you can buy the natural syrups or alternatively, you can make your own syrup by simply using Google or any other search browser. Or if you don’t feel like a sweet soda you can just drink the Sodawater by itself.

The Sodastream penguin is simple quick and efficient and perfect for someone who enjoys Drinking carbonated beverages or a family with kids.And I give it a nice big +

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