Sex in Water Why Not?

Water is the element that most contain elements of treatment.

If you want to try to have sex in the water, you will get double experience is the experience of treatment and at the same orgasmic experience.

Having sex in water can be an enjoyable experience, especially if the location is spacious and pleasant. What is the best of sex in water? Spontaneity, if you can do so without the prior plan. You aain wet from all sides.

You can do it anywhere you like as long as it’s clean water such as:


Startle your partner with a Jacuzzi filled with roses and make love slowly and gently while you are constantly feeding each other strawberries and drinking champagne.


Sometimes when you invite your partner to the pool, noticed he was wearing a bikini might be increasing blood flow larger than usual. It’s time to invite him closer so that you secretly say hello to the “hose” you.


You both were at home, you have a tiring day at work, and you now want to spend time together. Go take a shower together, make love with any position that can be done and soon after, bathing together in a tub containing warm water and discuss how exciting a scene that had just done.


On holiday together, the better you live near the beach. No saalhnya started the night by having sex in the water. Bring him medekati water, but do not give out first. Remove the bikini and let him release it belongs to you and make love!

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