Science Fair Projects – Project Boards and Displays

Science fair project boards and displays are an importantd pare of every science fair project. It’s easy to be creative with these displays, but it’s also easy to go overboard.

By Joan Whetzel

In most school districts across the country, the upcoming spring semester means preparing for Science Fairs. Many students have already begun their science fair projects during the fall semester because their projects required a long time to run the necessary experiments and tests. The project itself, is only part of the preparation for the science fair. The students need to get creative in producing a project board and display that will attract the judge’s eye and explain the student’s project visually to anyone who stops by the display. What is needed to make an attractive science fair project board and display?


Purchasing a Project Board

The first step in science fair display preparations is to purchase the standard 3-panel science fair project display board. They measure 36 inches in height by 48 inches in width and come in a variety of colors. The least expensive and most readily available project boards are white, which work great for any project. However, when working on some special projects, it may be a good idea to consider using a colored display board. Consider using green for ecology or plant projects, blue or black for space or astronomy projects, brown or orange for earth and mineral projects. Think about the impact a colored backdrop would give to a science fair project display and how it could make the display stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Organizing the Information

Prepare the heading title cards for the parts of the science fair project – one each For Purpose, Hypothesis, Research, Materials/Procedures, Data, Results and Conclusions. These usually come free with the purchase of the project board. However, students can make their own title cards on the computer with their own selection of fonts, printing them in color instead of the usual black ink on white paper. Be careful with this, though. It’s easy to overdo it. A title card for the science fair project will also need to be prepared. Use special fonts and colors, special lettering kits, or markers to write out the title. Center the title on top of the center panel.

Next, lay the board flat and organize the materials that will be presented on the project board. Under each title card, print up a summary of the project information for that category. Arrange the title cards and summarized information on the three panels. Leave enough room for project information to be added to each section of the project board under the appropriate title card.

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