Science Cells Report Write Up

A grade eight science cells report write up.

Purpose: To investigate and observe local pond water to identify living things.
Hypothesis: I think I will find a few living things
Pond water
Medicine Dropper
Paper and Pencil
1.    Collect pond water
2.    Add pond water to a slide
3.    Put pond water under a microscope
4.    Observe the slide carefully

In the pond water I think that I have seen only three different species. Shelled amoeba, Spirostomum and a Paramecium.
Shelled amoeba:
Size: 0.1 – 0.4 mm
Shape: amoeba with a shell, and two “tentacles”
Movement: Moving both “tentacles” in a dog kicking motion
What it eats: Unknown
Size: Up to 4mm
Shape: Long worm
Movement: Moving its “tail” to move
What it eats: Bacteria
Interesting detail: Can contract it’s body to 1/4 of it’s length in 6-8 milliseconds
Size: Unknown
Shape: Blobish with tiny hairs
Movement: The outer surface of the cell is covered with many hundreds of tiny hair-like structures called cilia. These act like microscopic oars to push through the water
What it eats:  Bacteria and even other smaller protozoa
Interesting detail:  Under suitable conditions it may reproduce by dividing two or three times a day and so large numbers may build up
I think that the species I observed need suitable temperature, food, water and sun light 

Science Cells Report
Hope you enjoy and this helps you i wrote this for my grade eight science class.

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