Review of Nature’s Touch Purified Water

I purchased a gallon of this today. Read to find out what I thought of it.

Product Description: Nature’s Touch brand of purified water. I bought a gallon of this earlier today for $1.29 at our local Kwik Trip to drink at work.

What I liked about this product: One of the things that attracted me to this item was the fact it was already refrigerated, something I haven’t seen from most other brands. Of course, to be fair, that could just be the particular store that did that and it might not be available that way at other locations.

I also liked the price. While $1.29 isn’t the most affordable price I’ve purchased a gallon of water at, it was still reasonable enough when you consider I didn’t have to drive across town to find a gallon that cost me less money.

What I didn’t like about this product: The taste isn’t as good as I was expecting. It isn’t the worst brand of “purified” water I’ve had. But, there’s still a bit of an almost dirt-like taste to it that I don’t get from my regular brands.

Final Opinion: It’s an OK brand at a decent price but I think I will stick to my regular brands and only buy this brand when necessary.

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