Pollution in The PFC: French Waters Spared

The water we drink is less polluted by perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) as used by the Germans or the Americans.

It is the opinion of the National Agency for Food Sanitary Safety, Environment and Labour (ANSES), which has developed a national inventory of our waters, this type of chemical . Explanations.

Perfluorinated compounds cover a broad family of substances used as well for many industrial applications, as in consumer products. Food packaging, pesticides, textiles and kitchen items are just some examples of their presence in our daily lives. Because of their toxicity, they could be the cause of hormonal disorders. Now the water is an important factor in dissemination of these substances. Therefore, after the discovery of highly polluted sites in the United States and Germany, the Ministry of Health wanted to “provide a national picture of the presence of PFCs in water resources and drinking water . “He has instructed the HANDLE of the evaluation. This was done in the waters of all French departments, including those from overseas.

Result, “some 450 samples analyzed, only 25% had measurable levels of perfluorinated compounds, other samples with levels too low (to be detectable). The maximum values ​​found in the treated water is 4-30 times lower (than those observed in the United States or Germany). “

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