Lembah Harau : Grand Canyon in Indonesia

See this beauty valley in Sarilamak, West Sumatra Indonesia.

Harau valley located in West Sumatra province is a large gap with a diameter of 400 m. Walking toward the Valley Harau lot of fun. With fresh air, you can see the beauty of its surroundings. Granite cliffs towering shapes unique to the surrounding valley. Cliffs of the rugged granite has a height of 80 m to 300 m. Anyway, from the start as he entered the valley Harau we will find many beauty scenery along the way. It is fitting that some climbers who have visited this place gave him the nickname Yosemite Indonesia. This place has long attracted attention. A Dutch heritage monument located at the foot of the waterfall Sarasah Bunta is evidence that the valley was often visited by people Harau since 1926.

At the monument was written signature Dutch Resident Assistant at that 50 Koto, F. Rinner, and two officials of Indonesia, Tuanku Laras Datuak Kuniang nan Hitam dan Datuak Kodoh nan Hitam.

The beauty is still scattered on the high plains. There you will find nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries covering an area of ​​270.5 hectares Harau Valley. This place is designated as a nature reserve since January 10, 1993. In nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries Harauter Valley there are many different species of tropical rain forest plants are protected highlands, plus a number of rare animal native Sumatra. Long-tailed monkey (Macaca fascirulatis) is often seen in animals of this region. These animals are tame and likes to pace the crowd. However, you still need to be careful. Because there is also a wild monkey and likes to nosy. Quite often they take food or belongings of visitors, and scratch when approached.

Other primate animals that live in wildlife reserves, such as gibbons (Hylobatessyndactylus) and hoop (Presbytis melalopos). Their voices are often heard but rarely appeared. Other fauna are protected in nature reserves also include the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrensis), bears (Helarctos malayanus), tapir (Tapirus indicus), forest goats (Capriconis sumatrensis), and hedgehog (Proechidna bruijnii). A total of 19 species of birds, including pheasants (Argusianus argus) and hornbills (Anthrococeros sp), a Valley resident wildlife that Harau reserved. This area is also equipped with Harau Valley Park. Park covering an area of ​​27.5 hectares was established since 1979. The potential of this park are four waterfalls, caves, natural gaps, and steep cliffs

form a beautiful and stunning scenery. Here, the available recreational facilities such as swimming baths, where camping, and trails for hiking jlan around the region. Relatively cheap price of admission. On the ticket, will get a map of conservation areas and wildlife reserves Harau Valley. If you need a guide, we can also use the services of workers who are paid a daily guide. Harau valley located in the District Fifty Koto, about 15 km from the municipality Payakumbuh, or 47 km northeast of the city of Bukittinggi. For access to it, can start from the terminal in Aua Kuniang-Bukit Tinggi. Take a bus to the majors Payakumbuh, then forwarded to the bus ride to the Sarilamak. Travel time from the Sarilamak continues to walk the 4 km (about one hour) to the entrance of the sanctuary

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