Keeping a Promise: Essay for Middle School Level (6th Grade)

Give main ideas to your students; tell them about writing style for an essay, they need to write minimum three paragraphs for the body of the essay.

      It is very important to keep a promise because if some doesn’t keep a promise, then no one will ever trust the person. If someone tells a person a secret than that person would probably say “I promise not to tell anybody your secret “.

        But usually in books or in real life the secret slips out, when the person or their friend get into a fight. The person would usually try to say sorry, but their friend says “It was persona! Why did you have to tell!”

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That’s why its important to keep a promise because if someone broke a promise they could loose more than a friend and then no one would ever tell that person anything or no one would ever trust them. Then soon someone finally come up to the person and say “ No one trusts you anymore”.

Note: This essay is written by my 11 year old boy.

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