Keep It Off The Ground

Are you doing your part to keep our planet safe? Or are you just passing the buck! No matter who you are every little thing helps to save our planet. Hurry get started now…

Ever wonder what part you can play to save our planet! Well it’s about time we get off our lounge chairs and do something about it. We take so much from the planet we need to give something back. We extract oil and other minerals; use the ground to plant foods and harvest; we make use of the water, the air and so much more. To show our appreciation we chop down trees, murder animals and do everything in our power to pollute the environment. The natural resources of our planet are reducing at alarming rate due to excess, careless and harmful use. The only way to save our planet is a for each of us to play our part in our own way no matter how small or minute it may be.

Many talk about the need to save the environment and save natural resources but do nothing in the end. There is lot of programs to educate people about the values of protecting our planet but only knowing about is not enough. We should not point our fingers at others! You got to ask yourself! When was the last time you did something to save our environment or when was the last time you even thought of doing something to keep our planet clean ad healthy…the answer is not in a very long time. You can say you know you have to help save our planet but you just haven’t got the time and resources. You just hope that the next person will do something but this never happens each one points to the next and it keeps going on and on. It is each and every person who lives on this planets responsibility to do their own part to help save the planet we live in. Don’t say no, don’t say you don’t have time don’t say you haven’t got the resources do something anything to help. Even if it is a very small thing it is important in the overall big picture so go ahead and do your part. As the song by Janus Stark goes “Every Little Thing Counts, That’s Why Every Little Thing Counts”

And when we finally think about doing something we set our sights on issues such as the depletion of natural resources, pollution in the environment, deforestation, endangered plant and animal species and we wonder how to contribute to saving nature these are big issues; and the question arises how can I contribute to this. And then it hits us these problems are just too big for us to handle and we do nothing! Maybe they are but at least we must try making an effort even if it in a small way to do something.

We can start by things in our daily life recycling, conserve energy, keep our surroundings clean, buying and consuming eco friendly products, support and contribute to Green organizations ;anything that helps to keep our planet and environment safe and clean. We should also promote and educate people on a green life style something that will help keep our planet safe. For example if we want to wash our car we go to car wash; why not go to Eco friendly car wash someone who makes sure all the waste from the wash is disposed away safely; water containment. A small thing like this can go long way when you look at the big picture of trying to keep our planet clean.
Hurry now. Do your part to save our planet, our home, our future; before it is too late.

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