Is Our Water Supply Safe?

Everyday we hear about our water and is it safe? This is some reports that have been proven and what we can do to help.

 Every day we drink our water and pray that everything is safe, then we  hear about these reports that our water might not be as safe as we think and would like for it to be. It has been proved that some of these chemicals are causing diseases within our bodies.   What can we do to be sure?

For starters, get a test on our water system.That way we will know whats happening and know what directions and steps to take to prevent any bacteria that might be in our drinking water.

Ask your local health department for help. They should be able to give you some resources if not the services.

Local water departments  may test your water..

Go to the Internets and type in any self helps or companies that give this service or test .

Detect what chemicals are found ,if any and purchase merchandise that is on market to eliminate problems.

Buying Water is not the safer method because it has also been reported that those companies do not have to report where their water comes from and how it is filtered. Some companies do  but not required to do so. So we really don’t have a clear picture of whats in these plastic containers that could cause problems either.

Doing all of the above , a person can know he has done everything possible to help eliminate any possible problems for our communities along with our own homes   having toxic chemicals in our drinking water.

This issue has been going on for a long time in certain states where people thought it was safer to their health to purchase their water after receiving reports of certain substances and chemicals that had been reported in drinking water.

What is some of the chemicals found in  the  drinking water that could be harmful?  After research , it is only in some states that are not healthy levels , but these consist of 1.Perchlorate, this is used in rockets ,missiles and if inhaled it causes cancer. 

2.-  chromin 6 , this is a different kind of chromin from what we need in our bodies .

3. Lead — which causes lead poisoning

4. ARSENIC– found in the earths floor and comes from industrial plants from certain metals

5. Radon– Also from environmentally uses

These being in the drinking water can cause severe problems such as :

kidney failure

liver cancer

thyroid problems


intestinal cancer

memory problems

People did not think it was as serious until they tested water from each territory and peoples own water systems.

People from local water departments are recommended to test regularly and report anything that is not safe. Probably whats to the best interest of everyone is to test their own water and try and fix the problem if any shows up because some of these problems are not in the main water supply. It might be found in systems where the pipes of homes has not be updated . So, therefore , its not always the main water supply of the community . Every home is not the same maybe so its a wise choice to have your home tested and treat whatever is showing up .

Getting the correct filter is  a plus.Knowing for sure whats in your water and doing things to protect yourself and family is the up most important thing you can do as a individual to help.Encouraging others to test will help our communities.

Doing the three steps



3. Bottle your filtered water in refrigerator.

These will prevent our families from becoming sick and having dreadful diseases that often occur when

these things were not known.



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  1. Pete Macinta Says...

    On February 18, 2011 at 12:04 am

    Floride is added to much of our water, but I do not trust flouride.

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