How to Make Geodes

Geodes are like rocks with pretty colors real geodes have crystal within them when you break them.


Epsom salt

2 cups of warm water

eggshell halves (any type of crack is fine)

food coloring (choose your own colors it’s better if there are many)

1. Spoon Epsom salts into the warm water until no more will dissolve

2. Add food coloring to the solution

3. Pour the solution into the eggshell halves and leave the water to evaporate

4. When the water has evaporated you have made your own geodes!!!

Geodes are rock and crystalline formations found in volcanic and sedimentary rock. These formations are common in just a few states in America, but can be found anywhere from store shelves, where they are sold as paper weights, to lawn ornamentation in landscaping.Taking many forms, and presenting with a variety of colors, geodes are relatively round or ovoid in the sedimentary and igneous rock they are found in. Generally, geodes are formed from limestone and have chalcedony or quartz formations on the inside of a cavity. Some geodes are solid on the inside with quartz, or silicon dioxide, filling the entire cavity, while others have the quartz and extra space left inside.

Another term for the formation is a “vug,” which is a rock formation with quartz inside of it. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources states that: “Although the distinction may seem subtle, it is important to contrast geodes with other crystal-lined cavities or “vugs.” Geodes differ from vugs in possessing an outer mineral layer which is more resistant to weathering than the host rock.”

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