How Are Forests Useful To Us?

Forests provide shelter and food to animals, birds and insects. Animals like the monkeys, squirrels, lizards, bears, anteater, sloth and koala climb on the branches of the trees foraging for food.

The moist soil of the rain forests is a haven for the beetles, centipedes and worms. The trees provide comfortable places for birds to build their nests. On the forest floor can be found the mice, foxes, wild pigs, deer, tiger and wolves. The ants and snakes can be found at all levels on the ground and on the trees.

The trees rot and decay and thus enrich the soil giving birth to new plants. Likewise the bodies of the animals provide valuable manure. The forests act like a giant sponge absorbing the rainfall and then releasing it again through evaporation. These helps stabilize the rainfall. Forest cover also prevents the soil being eroded and sitting up the rivers and lakes. This helps to prevent flooding.

The timber obtained form the forest is useful for building houses, ships and fences and in the manufacture of paper. The trees provide us with fruits and nuts, spices and edible and industrial oil. We also get our raw rubber, latex, resin, fibres, drugs and insecticides.

Forests are therefore the most important suppliers of oxygen to the world. Scientists and people all over the world are campaigning to stop the destruction of the forests. Deforestations will destroy the habitats of many plants and animals resulting in their extinction.

Destruction of the forests will result in flooding of certain areas, while other areas will be converted into deserts through lack of rainfall. Ultimately it will affect the world’s climate.

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