Gulf Coast Oil Spill Has Become Massive and is Approaching Florida

The size of the oil spill is growing at an alarming rate with no end in near sight.

The Gulf Coast oil spill disaster is a terrible tragedy on many fronts. Today, new images are showing that the actual size of the oil spill has tripled (or more) in size and is approaching Florida quickly. Not only is it approaching Florida but it is much larger than Florida itself.

Every state that has coasts on the Gulf will suffer greatly from this disaster. The state in the most serious trouble, by far, is Florida. This is an obvious but important fact: Florida is surrounded by water. Experts have said that the this oil spill can and will likely spread up the east coast, around Florida. So that means, every inch of Florida coastline is at risk from this massive oil spill. How many miles of beaches and coast is this?

Coastline – 1,197 Statute Miles

Tidal Shoreline – 2,276 Statute Miles

Beaches – 663 Miles

Florida has more than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams & waterways

These statistics are located on

I can’t imagine that this accident will not completely devastate the entire state of Florida. I don’t really understand why people are not talking about this. It is upsetting to me. My fellow Americans are in serious trouble and it seems like every other issue is more important at the moment. How can this possibly be?

As a country, we became a text messaging propaganda machine to help Haiti in their time of need. Where is Gulf Coast disaster text messaging propaganda machine? Is everyone naively waiting by for BP to take care of the mess? If this is the case, I feel that everyone will be waiting for a very long time. Just because they say they can fix it and just because we are holding them accountable, doesn’t mean a damn thing.

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Gulf Coast Oil Spill Has Become Massive and is Approaching Florida

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  1. mitchey179 Says...

    On May 4, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    This could end up being one of the biggest national disasters in usa history if we cannot contain the oil that is leaking. Good post.

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