“Go Green” Applicable in The Kitchen

Go green Campaigns with energy restriction can also be done from the kitchen.

The green movement as long as you do may be limited on the life style only. But do you also have started a small movement of your environment right at home? Let’s look at the kitchen, you can also start from here. Niscan Michel, a chef and author suggests some ways to green the kitchen.

- Recycling of household waste

You can separate each type of garbage. Collect plastic bottles, glass, or plastic bags at a given place to those who hold them. You can also distribute the remaining vegetables to the nutrient-rich compost for soil fertility.

- Not spending excessive

For fresh food supplies are only lasting a matter of days, you need to consider carefully the need. Do not spend in excess of that just makes these materials are not useful anymore after the quality is declining due to dry or rot.

Included is also the time to cook, portion measuring family needs. If food is left, you are able to recycle by mixing them with other dishes. For example, the remaining vegetables into soups or pureed vegetables, or grilled chicken tacos or fajitas to chicken in Mexico mixed with other fresh vegetables.

- Conserve water

You can save the use of mineral water by buying water filter that can filter water directly from the faucet. To accommodate the drinking water, be sure to buy a place or a bottle that can be used over and over again, because in certain materials generally only be used disposables.

To wash the dishes and the other, get used to wash after dinner. This is to avoid the accumulation of residual oil, grease, and dirt are often difficult to remove.

- Save energy

One of the kitchen furniture is the most energy-consuming refrigerators. In order to minimize the electricity used. Make sure when buying, choose energy-efficient refrigerator. Or buy a refrigerator that has 2 functions at once, as a coolant, and freezer. So you do not have to provide two tools in the kitchen.

The trick to saving energy can also be done when you open the refrigerator. Avoid open for a prolonged period of cold temperatures causing reduced. When you open the door, the refrigerator will work more to maintain the cold temperature. Clean the refrigerator coils of dust every three months.

- Limit meat

Meat is a source of protein and carbohydrates are good, but for the sake of health, limit your meat consumption to twice a week. You can replace them with other vegetable sources are low in fat. For example, fill it with soy and vegetable burgers. Or others who use the menu to know the main ingredient.

- Buying local vegetables

Quality vegetables do not have to import label. Vegetables produced by local farmers no less healthy because without the addition of preservatives to maintain freshness. Even now we are also a lot of farmers who cultivate organic vegetables

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