Future with Green Economy AND Sustainable Lifestyle

TO provide the way for the green economy and the sustainable lifestyle.

Nature has a supreme power in the earth. Every phenomenon of the earth is due to balance among the natural resources in the ecosystem. Natural resources are the backbone and precious goods for our golden life. Without natural resource life of living being cannot be imagined. Human daily innovations are only possible due to abundant natural resource in the earth. New technology, industrialization, innovation in every sectors of development make our life easier, innovative and less tedious but may not solve all the problems and could lead to the loss of indigenous culture, indigenous knowledge and biodiversity that disturb the ecological balance in the nature and the question arises for the sustainability. Human activities like deforestation, pollution, unmanaged urbanization, lack of town planning, use non renewable resource like petroleum, coals etc resulting our life difficult day by day.  Global warming is the current burning issue of the world. Lack of conservation of natural resources and their sustainable use are the predominant issues of present day.

 Reshaping the future through the green life, green village, green town, green economy and the sustainable life style of the people needs to be done. Green economy is the staircase for the sustainable development. Green economy is the process of  reconfiguring business and infrastructure to deliver better return on natural , human and economic capital investments, while reducing the green house gasses , extraction and using less non renewable resource, reducing carbon emission , creating less waste and reduce social disparities, enhance energy and resource efficiency and prevent loss of biodiversity and ecosystem service.

Green economy can be achieved by strengthening private sector, public private partnership along with a linkage of client, companies, financial institution, government and policy makers. For this we need the sustainable economic growth and ensuring food security through green economy revolution and the optimum and sustainable use of renewable natural resources and their conservation for improved living standard of people. Natural resource management and conservation by local co-management initiative is the best ideas to be adopted for green economy. Forest is the bank of natural resources .So conservation, management and improvement is urgent. As the conversion of forest land to agricultural land continues at the rate of 13 million per ha/year, forest should be protected through community forest programmer, agro-forestry practices, avenue plantation along the roads, city and town planning through the landscape town planning are the major to protect forest and to achieve green economy. Balancing the global supply and demand in agriculture, forestry and commercialization in these sectors through optimum and sustainable use of renewable natural resource is the future need of green economy. For the green economy and sustainable lifestyle the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) should be strictly implemented in which carbon emission trade between developed and developing countries are launched through carbon credit. Developing countries should use the credit for the activities which directly or indirectly help to reduce the carbon emission. Use of water harvesting technique (vegetative Technique and the Engineering technique), energy conservation, use of renewable resources like solar energy, wind energy , biogas , hydropower instead of non renewable  resource such as petroleum, coals, natural gas etc.

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