Erosion, Transportation and Deposition

An article about Erosion Transportation and Deposition.

Erosion Transportation and Deposition


The difference between weathering and erosion is that weathering rots the rocks and erosion removes them. Weathering prepares the rock for erosion. After rocks have been affected by weathering they are then prone to erosion.

Erosion occurs where particles of rock or soil are:

Ø      Washed away by a river

Ø      Removed by waves in the sea

Ø      Crushed under a glacier

Ø      Blown away by the wind

Erosion occurs where nature is very powerful or is said to possess a lot of energy.

This could be where:

Ø      A river flows very fast

Ø      Large waves are whipped up by a storm and crash onto the coastline

Ø      Thick ice presses down on the Earth’s surface

Ø      The wind is strong enough to pick up particles of rock

Transportation occurs when the material had been picked up and moved to another place. The distance covered may be small (from the front of a beach to the back of a beach), or large (hundreds of miles down a river).

Deposition occurs when the transported materials are eventually deposited or dumped. Deposition occurs where:

Ø      A river flows slowly

Ø      The sea washes up gently against a beach

Ø      The ice of a glacier begins to melt

Ø      Areas are sheltered from the wind

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