Environmental Problems

Environmental Problems.


Air pollution –  Air pollution is a big problem in big city’s like New York and Tokyo. So, who are walking on streets can rarely breath fresh air. To save the air use more public transport or hybrid cars.

Water –  We are using water every day, but how much we are wasting it like having a shower and the water is running all the time and the same thing is, when you are brushing the teeth. In some countries there are no clean water to drink and wash. So use less water.

Acid rain – Acid rain is rain what is killing  plants and animals. Acid rain problem is coming from factories.

Oxygen- Trees are producing oxygen, what we need to survive. When we cut down rain forests, trees there are not able to produce clean oxygen. When logging companies are cutting down trees, they need to plant new trees.

Waisting- People are using too much things and are throwing away so many things. Recycle as many as you can.





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