Diving in The Marine Park Togean

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Togean Marine Park is a national park in a Togean Islands located in the Gulf of Tomini, Central Sulawesi, which was inaugurated in 2004. In the administration of the territory is located in Tojo Una-Una.

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The islands are a paradise for divers for its rich coral reefs and other marine life which is rare and protected. Togean Islands you can do some activities, such as diving and snorkelling on the island Kadidiri, fishing, exploring the natural forests in the forest in Malenge Island, and visited the mountain on the island of Colo-una Una. Tourists can also visit the Bajo settlement in Kabalutan.

Formed by volcanic activity, the island is covered by lush vegetation and lush, and surrounded by rock formations. Coral reef and the beach provides a place for some marine animals to live and breed, such as green turtles, and others.

Togean Marine Park can be reached by plane to fly to Manado, followed by motor boat to Bunaken Island for 40 minutes.

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