Conservation and Preservation

A review of what conservation and preservation is with important facts and information on the Bridger Teton Wilderness issue.

Conservation is the scientific study of the nature and status of the Earth’s biodiversity and conservation focuses on the protection of species, their habitats, and eco-systems from extreme levels of extinction. Preservation on the other hand, focuses on preserving and protecting the earth and our natural resources. What distinguishes conservation and preservation is that conservation supports using our natural resources in a respectable manner, preservation is the act of preserving certain areas of interests and sustaining its natural eco-system without allowing any human use of the area that is being preserved.

I believe that humans can harvest forest resources in an environmentally friendly way, if enough individuals make the effort to be environmentally friendly natural resources could be very effective. I do believe however, that some national forest should be preserved and left alone in their natural state; I believe that there should be preserved forest for environmental support as well as provide a place of nature for all humans and animals to access for true appreciation of nature.

In the case of the Bridger Teton wilderness issue, I feel that it should not be opened to oil and gas exploration. The reason I believe that oil and gas exploration should not be conducted is because I feel that the Bridger Teton wilderness is worth more for the preservation of nature versus the option of destroying it for gas and oil production. There are many other places that could be of use for gas and oil exploration and production and I completely understand the need for more gas and oil production, but I must agree with the local residents that were on the video in support of preserving the Bridger Teton wilderness.

Specific examples of the reason why I support the preservation of the Bridger Teton wilderness is first when the local individuals spoke in regards to supporting preservation because of the beauty and the natural experience that people gain from the Bridger Teton wilderness. The second example is that the Bridger Teton wilderness also is home to many types of animals such as wild roaming buffalo, one of the only wild free range buffalo herds left in our country. The third example is when the local individual stated that he supported preservation because he felt that the Bridger Teton wilderness was worth more as a natural preservation rather than being used for the production of gas and oil.

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