Climate Engineering (Geoengineering) – Richard Branson and Bill Gates Playing as God

Climate engineering is trying to create weather manipulation in order to stop global warming. This branch of science that was once the province of harps in comic series is growing thanks to the surprising support of the world richest people.

One day the prisoner Mark Mardon escaped from jail, only to find out, when he got home, that his scientist brother died of a heart attack. Luckily, his brother was as megalomaniac as he was and left behind a formula that allows to control the weather. Mardon, greedy and evil, was able to make use of his brother’s lists, and made a wand-like device, which could control the weather and produce natural phenomena to his desire. As appropriate to a super-harp, he also found a rather silly name -The Weather Wizard. From now on, became his life became full of terror and evil plots to harm humanity by extreme climatic phenomena.

How can we avoid the damage of global warming?

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, is bot starring in a popular comic and apparently he was never wearing a tight green – yellow tights, at least not publicly. Still, last month the second richest man in the world along with some friends billionaires entered a territory that till today was reserved mainly to fictional super-harps, and publicly supported the human attempt to conduct weather manipulation.

The precise scientific term is Geoengineering: climate engineering. In short, this is an attempt to use engineering tools and technology to generate large-scale human manipulation of the weather and to stop climate change. How large is large scale? Global level, by removing carbon dioxide – from the atmosphere (CDR – Carbon Dioxide Removal) and limiting the amount of radiation from the Sun to the Earth. Although it is currently mostly ambitious contingency plans, supporters argue that the method of geo – engineering may prevent the damage from global warming. Opponents of the move, however, claim that it is nonsense that distract scientists from the real and tangible efforts required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in favor of unrealistic plans, and even arrogant as hell.

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How can a person actually change the weather? Eliminating carbon dioxide – from the air, for example, will be happening with the help of machinery that will be absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere by means of plastic polymers. Klaus Lackner, a professor of geophysics at Columbia University with other scientists developed a from of “artificial tree” that does not really look like a tree, but does exactly what real trees do, it literally “pulls” carbon dioxide – from the air. Unlike real trees,  Lackner’s artificial tree will not convert the carbon to oxygen, but stockpile it. Lackner said that within two years it will be possible to complete the construction of a proto-type that has a storage supplier of a ton of carbon dioxide – a day. Manufacturing process will cost one hundred thousand pounds for a tree and of course will involve generous emissions of greenhouse gases, but the price will be negligible compared to the enormous contribute to the device for cleaning the atmosphere. However, in order to succeed it will take millions of artificial trees, and the question of how it will be possible to get rid of stored carbon has not yet been resolved.

Despite the difficulties, the development of a reliable, efficient and cheap enough method to reduce carbon from the air without reducing the amount of greenhouse gases is considered the Holy Grail in the eyes of many scientists, and in the eyes of quite a few billionaires. After all, this is the perfect solution: as long as the facility is able to absorb the greenhouse gases, store them and get rid of them or convert them to oxygen, we do not have to worry about it. In recent years, billionaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, is offering a grant of $ 25 million for those who successfully achieve the goal.

A large part of the methods were harsh criticism because of potential damages they are affording or due to little scientific reliability. However, in recent months, with the support of Gates, Branson and founder of Skype, Niklas Zennstrom, and other billionaires,  geo – engineering began to escalate. From a rather marginal field which belonged mainly to groundbreaking scientists and science fiction enthusiasts it became a legitimate niche among leading climate scientists, who run a heavy pressure on governments and international agencies to fund and support experiments in the past year. The British government, in a first of its kind project, announced in 2010 its intention to conduct a pilot to launch sulfates particulate to the stratosphere.

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