Causes and Effects of Land Pollution – Simplified

The causes and effects of land pollution in brief.

In this fast-paced world, we are going towards science and technology without realizing the effects that may have caused damaged to mother earth.  Pollution is not one of the new topics to be discussed.  However, we must be aware of the effects on human and nature.  There are many types of pollution; water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, land pollution, etc.  This article, however, will be focused on land pollution.

There are many causes and effects of land pollution.  One of the causes is from burial sources.  The digging process can lead to erosion.  Another example is, the decomposition of bodies cause harm to the ground and spread disease.  Next, chemicals from herbicides, pesticides and insecticides pollute groundwater supplies, rivers and streams as well as polluting the ground and the surrounding land.  Apart from that, construction waste such as soil dumping, oils, paints and toxic chemicals also contribute to land pollution.  This causes the natural filtration to be disturbed and not just land pollution, but water pollution too.  Land pollution is also due to the mining process where the acid from the mines, gas released from the ground and composite chemicals are left to run through the habitat of the animals and plants, driving them out of a home.  Last but not least, human wastes such as trash day deposit also results in land pollution.  Besides, raw sewage too has the potential to spread disease and harm habitats.

In a nutshell, there are many other causes and effects of land pollution.  However, the important thing we need to know is that land pollution has a large impact on the ecosystem and eventually causes the extinction of plants and animals without us noticing it.

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