Bp: Criminals! Claim Tar Balls are Not From Gulf Oil Spill

They must think we are all drooling idiots…

Wow…I’m nearly speechless. Today, the newest information about the Gulf oil spill disaster is BP claiming that the tar balls washing on shore are not from this incident. Are you kidding me? This is beyond absurd.

Tar balls have started washing up on shore over the last week or two. And now BP is to have us believe that these just mysteriously came out of nowhere and are not related to the current disaster? They claim that the tar balls have been tested and do not match the chemical composition of the oil gushing into the gulf right now.

Well, sorry BP, I don’t think you’re going to get away with this. I hope there are 500 other bloggers that call you out on this TODAY.

Of course the composition doesn’t match! You’ve dumped monumental amounts of chemical dispersant’s in the water, that causes the oil to change, ball up, and become a different substance!

So you think you’re gonna get away with this because the oil has started escaping via the Loop Current? Try again, liars!

And just because we can only see a fraction of the oil that has been spilled, doesn’t mean that we all buy your self serving B.S.!

BP, you can lie, trick and fool people that are only half paying attention, but you will NOT get away with this!

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One Response to “Bp: Criminals! Claim Tar Balls are Not From Gulf Oil Spill”
  1. Sherman Says...

    On May 22, 2010 at 9:45 am

    I am appauled by BP’s attitude! “Not our tar ball!” I would expect this type of mental processing from a 2 or 3 year old. Not from grown adults.

    This is a grave situation that has happened. IT is BP’s well. They enjoy the money that they make from it. Now they need to “Man -Up” and just fix it. Who knows how it happened and I guess it really doesnt matter at this point. The mistake needs to be fixed with out a tantrum.

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