Arctic Ice Melts to Lowest Point

Arctic ice melts to lowest point. There are disadvantages and advantages for this kind of situation that the world is going through.

Arctic ice melts to lowest point. There are disadvantages and advantages for this kind of situation that the world is going through.

Much pollution caused this and this hasn’t happened now, it happened more than 100 years ago. History defines that pollution take mid place back in 1800 when factories where opening to produce clothing and the most polluted time went to 1950s when at the 1980s and 1990s some scientists saw some difference in the world and the climate reacting.

At first the scientist saw the difference in the Arctic Circle when the ice began to melt after experiments where taken beforehand. From the early 1990s to today, the most hot summer ever was in 2007 but now they placed 2012 as there was fair percentage of more ice melted than 5 years ago.

GreenPeace said that by 2030 the world could be ice free, 0% ice in the world which results in higher seas and altitudes of water. Scientits say that the water level could rise between 0-8 inches but can depend on which place in the world. Studies showed that it could go a bit deeper by 0-3inch but the threat of water level rising is to Australia which could raise up to 8inches by 2030 if the world be ice free.

In the beginning of 2000s, more studies where taken by satellites to examine how much the ice is melting at speed. They released pages noting that the world could be ice free by 2050 but by 2007 and 2012 today, they said that the world could be ice free by 2030.

Other experts say that by 2015 or 2020, the date should be rescheduled once again to 2025 or much earlier. Global warning has been a threat to many people as the age where disasters come but today many people don’t worry about this situation because they are seeing this as normal to our climate reacting to this.

By time when the ice melts it could mean an advantage for the United States by finding oil and many ship routes could be opened too especially from Alaska to Russia. There were many rumors that the Arctic holds many fossil fuels beneath.

Arctic Sea ice concentration, biweekly northern hemispheric chart – In 2007 the Arctic Sea ice melted early, and rapidly fell to record low levels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientists and Experts noted that when the ice melts there is a cycle which was called the ‘Ice Age’ where the world goes over the method when the ice melts by some time, years the world could go through an Ice Age that could hit Northern Europe including London and Paris and Canada and North of the United States and Russia. This could be true that can turn into a nightmare that many temperatures may drop significally which history could repeat itself once again and the first humans was studied that they experienced the first Ice Age happened.

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