Air Pollution

The oxygen we breathe in everyday is being contaminated. This contamination in the air is called pollution. It can be fatal.

Air pollution has many causes. It also has a wide variety of effects on the air and on the people breathing it in. It can be extremely dangerous and sometimes deadly. Pollution is a common event going on in the world today.

Some of the common things we do, cause pollution in the air. The gas coming from our cars, smoking, and fires all cause pollution. The smoke that they put out into the air diffuses. Also, big events such as atomic bombs and wars cause air pollution. The after effect causes by atomic bomb creates a poisonous gas to diffuse into the air. This, of course, is very deadly. Another common cause of pollution is factories. They put out smoke into the air which pollutes the oxygen we breathe.

There are many things we can do to stop air pollution. Stopping it can give us all better health and fresher air to breathe. If we all were to stop producing gases in the air, this could happen. I’m not saying that we all have to switch to electric cars or protest to shut down factories. I’m just saying that every little bit counts.

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