Easy Ways to Banish Mosquitoes at Home

Easy Ways to Banish Mosquitoes at Home.

There are many ways to celebrate Eid with family. One way is to gather and eat typical dishes in the garden or yard with family. Unfortunately, spending a lot of time in the park sometimes feel uncomfortable. Especially in the rainy season. Mosquitoes can be annoying and ruin your celebration.

Prior to reduce, and even eliminate mosquitoes, try to find out the source of the mosquitoes in your garden. Here are some places you can “suspect” as well as solutions eliminate mosquitoes in the park.

Generally, mosquitoes nesting in standing water or in the dark corners of the garden. Mosquito larvae can survive in stagnant water. Therefore, avoid standing water from pots, drums, gutters, buckets, and other items in the garden. However, that does not mean you should discourage making the pool in the garden.

Swimming can be an attractive feature in the garden. Thus, instead of getting rid of garden ponds, pond water should make the page flow. In this way, the possibility of mosquito breeding relatively less.

In addition to ensuring water is not stagnant and the flow of water, place the fish in the pond. Will fish mosquito larvae before they hatch. Various types of fish could be the “killer” is efficient for mosquito larvae. Goldfish or small fish are inexpensive also quite effective. In addition to making an escape from mosquitoes, you can also include plants that can repel mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes seem to dislike plants with pungent fragrance. Following this, several types of plants that dreaded mosquitoes:

Lavender flower (Lavandula agustifolia). Not only can prevent your home from mosquitoes, these flowers are also very pretty. Behind kecantikanya, there are substances linalool and acetate lynalyl unwelcome mosquitoes.

Geranium or Tread Dara (pelagornium citrosa). This plant is also able to repel mosquitoes because of its fragrance. You just need to put it in the yard, then let the plants give off a distinctive fragrance.

Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus). These plants contain substances geraniol, metilheptenon, terpenes, terpene-alcohols, and organic acids that sitonelal. In short, this content is not like mosquitoes. Put this lush plants in your yard. The form that dangle can “meet” and give “volume” in the park.

Zodia (Evadia suaveolens). Zodia has similarities and differences with the three previous crop. Just like Lavender, Geranium, and citronella, Zodia will release scent when the leaves bergesekkan each other. Unfortunately, this plant is not affected by exposure to strong sunlight. Therefore, this plant would make a great indoor plant. You can place these plants near a window or ventilate the room. Of course, the plant is suitable to repel mosquitoes from inside the house.

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