Disastrously Dangerous: Humans or Snakes!

While snakes are feared and worshiped in various parts of the world, it is also true that humans are much more frightening than these limbless creatures.

1. Venom Or Muscle:

The snakes kill using only two mechanisms, either by delivering venom or by coiling around the prey and squeezing it to death. However, humans have several other ways to kill not just other animals but also their own kind as well as their future generations.

2. Different Types Of Venom:

There are only a few types of venom found in the snakes that could be neurotoxic (dangerous to nervous system and brain) or hemotoxic (dangerous to circulatory system and heart), or at the most can be cytotoxic (degenerating the tissues that come into contact). However, humans have many ways to kill others, such as slow poisons like tobacco, alcohol, opium, cocaine, drugs, etc as well as quick killers like nuclear arms and biochemical ammunitions.

3. Wait And Ambush:

While the snakes are extremely patient ambush predators, the humans tend to search and destroy whenever possible. Even if the other species or the groups mean peace, they would like to bulldoze through their ways so as to feed their own ego!

4. Fangs:

The venomous snakes are not deemed to be dangerous when their venom delivering fangs are removed or their mouths are stitched so that they would not be able to open their jaws. What mechanism can stop the destruction by the humans?

5. Biting Hard:

The constricting snakes such as boas, pythons and anacondas have lots of needle like teeth and can deliver painful bites. Even the venomous ones would bite at times without delivering venom, just to warn off the intruders. However, the blows delivered by humans are of many types such as emotional hurting, mental torture, etc, which is dangerous than the venomous bite itself.

6. Warnings:

All the snakes have warning signals, such as hissing of boas, pythons, Russell’s Viper, etc.; the rattle of the rattle snake, pit viper and egg eating snake; hood of the cobra, etc., to mention a few. At least the snakes have the decency to warn before striking, when disturbed. Humans are known to barge into affairs of others with the pretention of helping them out, with the ulterior motive of helping themselves!

7. Snakes Eats Snakes:

There are many snakes that would eat other snakes such as King Cobra, King snake, etc., which are meant to keep a check of the snake population. There is no check for human population which is constantly exploding to push all other species out of the planet towards extinction.

8. Mutual Coexistence:

Out of the many dozens of eggs the oviparous snakes lay or the many young that the viviparous snakes give birth to, only a few young ones tend to survive through their adulthood, as they feed the snake eaters regularly thereby establishing the balance in the natural processes. However, it is always the case of humans getting the benefits and forgetting even to thank for their gifts.

With so many dangers implicitly posed by humans, it is vital that the people to change their ways and to live a respectful life like their ophidian counterparts.

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