Demerits of Plastic to Human Life and Environment

There was time, plastic was not even invented. Rather it was a decent invention, which cannot be omit from human life, but harmful since the danger is hidden behind it on heating. It causes cancer, so let’s be aware and avoid it.

Nowadays Environmental issues are in high pace due to the pollution control defects, one such polluting object used in our day today life is plastic. Plastic is the common name for polymers which is made up of chemicals. There are different types of plastics. Plastic is harmful to human life and environment. Plastics can be easily shaped, so they are used to make different thing. Plastic are non decomposable and when heated produce toxic, which causes cancer. Used plastic causes environmental issues as they do not decompose easily. Most of the objects are made using plastic. It has become a content to make things for human life, fully or partially, like plastic bags, plastic bottles, cassettes, containers, plates, clock, mixers, grinders, stationery items, computers, television, radio, decorative items for household purpose; most of the eatables are packed with plastic covers. Plastic has become a part of human life. We use plastics items for all purpose and after their use we throw them away. They do not get decomposed and buries in the land, produces toxic dioxin, when exposed to sun rays.

To avoid environmental issue and save human life certain steps need to be adopted like:

·         Do not throw used plastic, send it for 

·         Use of plastic should be avoided;

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 instead cloth or paper bag can be used.

·         Do not store hot items in plastic containers as they produce toxic dioxin, when heated.

·         Do not use plastic container in micro oven for heating.

·         Do not use water bottles in freezer.

·         Instead we can use glass or ceramic containers for our daily purpose.

Let us all take up step to avoid plastic as we really had time without use of plastic on earth. Even though they are of more use, they are harmful to our life and environment so let avoid use of harmful plastic.

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    excellet share giri

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    a very good article here related to human life and environment, worth reading!

  6. Kopykween Says...

    On October 14, 2010 at 4:00 am

    Informative post. Plastic though unavoidable must be kept away as much as possible.

  7. sapphirelaws22 Says...

    On October 14, 2010 at 5:44 am

    Informative! Great Post

  8. dak Says...

    On October 15, 2010 at 2:13 am

    yes we see plastic everywhere polluting. the earth.

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