Darkspore Cheats and Description

A description of the Darkspore game with way to get cheats and trainers…

Darkspore is an awesome game and you will need to check it out. The game creates a new vision of how to play the game.

In Darkspore, you are a Crogenitor, a master of DNA who is able to manipulate the genetic makeup of living beings. Years ago, some extremist Crogenitors got their hands on enhanced DNA (E-DNA) and attempted to make more powerful beings. Unfortunately, those Crogenitors didn’t quite know how to stabilize the E-DNA, and the result was the Darkspore. These super-powerful creatures turned on their creators and eventually spread across the galaxy, wiping out all other life forms and all but a few Crogenitors, who were placed in a cryogenic sleep and sent off to remote parts of the galaxy where the Darkspore couldn’t find them. The campaign mode starts with you waking up from your long sleep, and with the help of the AI in your ship, you must create powerful creatures to battle the Darkspore.

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As a gamer, I try not to use cheats or trainers but sometimes, as a difficulty of games can be, you would need to try something new. This game is game of the year in my book and ya’ll need to give it a try.

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