Coyote Trivia

The North American icon of mystery and mischevious ways is a very important animal in a healthy ecological chain. Native American legends and stories call him a “trickster” and cunning cunsumate outlaw. Known as a great and adaptable hunter no matter his environment: desert, forest, mountains or plains.
Many want him destroyed. Why? Misconception concerning the secretive life of the “dog-like” mammal, perhaps. Do greedy human predators invading the coyotes domain need to trape and kill off the coyote? NO!

Here are some facts about the coyote:

1. The name coyote (canis latrans) means “barking dog:.

2. They can run at speeds clocked at 25-35 MPH.

3. They rarely attack humans…and I mean rarely.

4.Ecologically they hunt and kill rodents humans do not like and see as pests.

5. Their habitat extends from Alaska to Panama and they have been seen as far south as Costa Rica.

6. Dogs are DISTANT relatives of the coyote.

7. Their name comes from Aztec stories of coyotl and legends of other native people who honor the coyote calling him “little wolf”.

8.Their size varies from 25lbs to 75lbs. And are known for their yellow eyes, that stare out of the dark of night.

9. Urbanization has destroyed many of their habitats, yet they have adjusted and become “Urban Coyotes”.

10.Adaptation to the fast changing humanized world seems to be a natural trait of the mammal. He is seen on airport runways chasing planes, sneaking food from dumpster around malls and restaurants and have even been seen eating watermelon!

11.He is a nocturnal animal usually, traveling and hunting in the dark. You will normally only hear their owls and not see them.

12. Coyotes only known predators are -wolves, mountain lions and humans.

13. They like the wolf mate for life.

14. They have been known to snatch small pets (dogs,cats,ferrets), if left unattended in urban yards, especially during times of drought and harsh winter weather.

15. They are extremely important to keeping rodent populations under control.

16. Raising them as pets is usually unsuccessful, as they love their freedom to roam and explore.

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  1. A Bromley Says...

    On March 9, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    I am with you and I am a friend of the coyote. I am a friend of all wildlife. You are a very good and interesting writer with diverse interest and talent. I am glad I found you.

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