Colonial Man O’ War (Physalia Physalis)

Colonial Man O’ War (Physalia physalis)

Colonial Man O ‘War jellyfish or Colonial have the most exclusive coloring when in contrast to other jellyfish. They have a bluish film, so they are often known by the handle the glowing blue percolate or glowing blue package. Colonial jellyfish sailing on the top area in existence with sea water.

Image by Olaf via Flickr

These creatures stay in exotic and subtropical trouble, distribute over the Hawaiian Beach and Indian native Beach. Jellyfish Colonial have an air bag, in which the bag can help them to flow on the water area, with this they can flow and flow across the ocean. Their shape coloring is standard of a glowing blue or pink with a time about 30 cm long and has tentacles that can arrive at programs of 50 m. Their systems are like a device chock-full with air, ie Co2 gas (almost 90%).

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They should always keep their shape wetness to stay, they often throw up his shape to stay hydrated the air bag that always drifts, other than that it also aspires to keep away from a predator invasion. Types of jellyfish include carnivores, they used to eat small seafood or shrimp. Selection of jellyfish Colonial does look very wonderful, but be cautious because these creatures such as risky creatures with impact at the tentacles.

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