Cloning – a HOT Debate

An informational speech on the debatable topic of cloning.

Conclusively, cloning is an extremely intriguing topic when it’s really understood. The whole idea of cloning is the replicating of a basic unit of life…genes…to whole living organisms…sheep. Cloning ranges from DNA cloning, which is the replication of DNA, to reproductive cloning, which is the replication of whole organisms, and therapeutic cloning, to harvest stem cells for hardcore medical research. Dolly the sheep was a turning point in cloning sciences in the fact that a whole organism was cloned from an adult cell rather than just a new embryo. And not only is the topic of cloning complex, but the viewpoints and the standings of how and when cloning should be used are also complex as it is a very debatable subject, but it is up to you where you stand. A quote from Doug Coupland: “Cloning is great. If God made the original, then making copies should be fine.”

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