Chinese Reveal The Secrets to Cure a Hangover

Traditional medicine offers ancient remedies to stop the devastation according to tradicional chinese.

Although the Confucian tradition calls for restraint with alcohol, it is certain that the rice liquor and sorghum are good and to ease your hangover, traditional medicine offers ancient remedies like ginseng, fruit of Buddha, Jujube or kudzu root.

“The fruit of the Buddha used to surf and improve throat conditions. The root, and indeed the flower of kudzu are used mixed with other plants for alcohol and its effects.

Multiple properties you would expect from the fruit of Buddha (Siraitia grosvenorii), also called the Longevity to improve diabetes, reduce pressure and obesity and even promote spiritual enlightenment.

The root of kudzu (Pueraria lobata), considered one of the 50 basic herbs of Chinese medicine for 2,000 years, intrigue scientists today at Harvard University for their properties, perhaps anti-cancer, after the creeping plant invasive devastated several states from Florida to Illinois.

Its infusion, mixed with jujube (Zizyphus jujuba), has anti-inflammatory powers, detoxifies the liver and cure migraine, Chinese doctors say.

Most Chinese remedies against the effects of ethanol, banquets and lack of sleep are intended to remove the element “fire” of the liver, so it is common for many of the recipes also contain ginger and garlic.

“After New Year, the great sale is fruit of Buddha, because at this time more people suffer for the excesses imbalance. Jujube is also in high demand because it helps to sleep. 

Another potion to detoxify the liver is the infusion of lotus root, mixed with barley malt or raw sugar.

If the dizziness, nausea, migraine headaches, dry mouth and persistent tinnitus, nothing like a tonic ginseng and licorice tea to relieve malaise.

Nail bitter tea, or tea Kuding, which grows in Sichuan province, was supposed benefits for migraine, blood pressure, cold and poisoning.

If these fail potions, pills Huoxiang Zhengqi, ginger, jujube, licorice root and tangerine peel, can be found at any pharmacy China for just over a dollar, and that alcohol wreaks havoc among the 10 percent of Chinese lacking the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase ethanol processing.

Traces of alcohol in China date back to 7,000 years ago as part of festivities like weddings and occasions in which alcohol was consumed medicines made from pepper and cypress leaves, symbols of wealth, health and longevity.

According to market research firm Datamonitor, the second economic power consumed 47,000 million liters of alcohol in 2009, an amount that is expected to rise to the 61,000 million in 2014 thanks to more and more the Chinese consume wine in the belief that improves your health and beauty of the skin.

The wines fermented as the Jiu Huang, or yellow wine, extracted from wheat or rice and a 20 percent ethanol, or distilled alcohol of glutinous rice, wheat, barley, millet or sorghum as the Bai jiu (white liquor ) or Shao Jiu (alcohol burn), with up to 54 percent ethanol, are basic in the celebration.

Alcohol is consumed not only to cheer the end of the year, but to get drunk to the Kitchen God pouring liquor on the door if the family has something to hide when it rises to heaven to report on the “karma” of mortals .

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