Cannabis Taxonomy

Biological Taxonomy of Cannabis Plants. Where do they come from, what do they do?

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There are three genera of cannabis in the Hemp Family. Cannabis Indica (named from specimens collected in India) is a shorter plant whose leaves have thicker blades. Indica plants have a darker green pigment. Cannabis Indica strains grow faster than Cannabis Sativa because they originate far from the equator where growing seasons are short. The high from Indica is more stoney and couchlock. Cannabis Indica strains depend on a photoperiod (hours of light vs hours of dark) change to set them into flowering. Examples: -Iranian G-13 -Bubba Kush -Northern Lights -Afghan -Bubble Gum Cannabis Sativa is a taller plant whose leaves have thinner and longer blades. Sativa plants have a lighter green pigment. The high from Sativa is more cerebral and uplifting. Cannabis Sativa strains originate very close to the equator and they therefore have a long life-cycle. Cannabis Sativa strains also depend on a photoperiod change to set them into flowering. Examples: -Haze -Durban Poision Cannabis Ruderalis is a genus in the Hemp family which is not as well known. It grows wild in Eastern Europe and Russia. It is characterized by its extemly small size (8-24 inches) and early flowering time. Plants in this genus are auto-flowering which means they do not depend on a photoperiod to flower. When bred with Indica or Sativa the auto-flowering phenotype is passed onto offspring, other than that most phenotypes from Indica or Sativa are dominant. Examples: -LowRyder -LoweLife -Grass-O-Matic

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