Why Do Some Flowers Have Bright Color

There are so many flowers which are in different colors. Generally we see the flowers that are in white color and some of them are pink and yellow.

But some flowers are having bright color. Let us see why these flowers are having bright color.

Plants multiply through pollination. The anther and the stigma which are required for the pollination are found in the flower. In some flowers pollination is done by insects and birds. Flowers therefore have bright colors to attract them. The sunflower, marigold and tulip are some of the brightly colored flowers.

In the same way some flowers have a beautiful fragrance to make themselves more attractive to birds and insects. We see this especially in the nocturnal flowers.

At night, when the color is of no use, the scent is particularly useful in directing the insects to the flowers. The different types of lilies and roses are common examples. In the same way the sticking smell that is emitted of the elephant yam is liked by certain flies.

There are some plants whose flowers are pollinated by wind. Such flowers do not need to attract insects and birds. They therefore have small, pale yellow colored flowers which have no scent at all. Some of these are the flowers of the wheat, rice, maize and grass.

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