The Oldest Tree in The World’s Largest and Highest

Here are five plants that even the tallest and oldest in the world’s largest. This tree is a rare plant which includes ancient plants, can not grow disembarang place.

1. General Sherman Tree

Location is the biggest tree in the forest of Giant Forest, USA (United States of America). 83.8 meters high and has a volume of 1487 m3. This tree is about 2500-2700 years.

2. General Grant Tree

While the world’s tallest tree in the forest Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park, with the height of 81.5 meters and has a volume of 1.320 m3. This tree is estimated to reach 2000 years.

3. President Tree

And as the name that represents the superior, the highest and the second largest tree is still located in the United States, precisely in the woods Giant Forest, at a height of 73.5 meters and the volume reached 1278 m3. He’s also been a very old man, 2500-3000 years ago. The tree was there even before the calendar BC.

4. Lincoln Tree

As if the name of the American president, yup tallest tree at a height of 80.0 meters and the volume of 1.259 m3. This tree is about 2500-3000 years.

5. Stagg

The world’s fifth largest tree is located in Alder Creek Forest Grove, has a height of 74.1 meters and the volume reaches 1205 meters.

What a miracle of God, if not too many trees being felled. Certainly the largest and tallest trees that live in this world.

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