The Largest Flower in The World (Pictures)

The largest flower in the world is called raffles arnoldo a rare specimen that grows in the forests of Indonesia.

The largest flower in the world (Pictures)

Giant plant with a diameter of 91 cm weighing about 7 kg and survives prisoned other plants, with which it feeds, being almost devoid of chlorophyll.

Raffles Arnoldo has no leaves or roots visible , and when blooming, give off an unpleasant odor, very strong, similar to the bodies, but attractive to insects to pollinate the plant approaches.

Raffles Arnoldo, “Plant-cadaver”

There are 16 species of Raffles existing in Sumatra, Malaysia and Borneo , and their name comes from biologists at the Sir Stamford Raffles and Dr. Joseph Arnold.

Despite the pleasant appearance of the plant, it is called “corpse flower” because of the repulsive odor.

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