Leaves play a very important role in plants

Leaves are vital part of plant.

Leaves are an important part of plants. Leaves help in the process of photosynthesis. They have their own definite shape and arrangement in plants according to their requirements. Leaves trap energy from sunlight and convert it into pure compounds. For this the leaves are arranged on the stem in a way that they are exposed mostly in the sunlight.

Each leaf is produced at a different angle on the stem so that one leaf does not shade another growing from the node under it. The leaves are adapted in such a way that they can continue to exist in their environs. The main function of leaves is to prepare food; meanwhile they are also adapted to perform several other functions.

In some plants, leaves play a very important role in food storage. For e.g. in onions the leaves become fleshy to store food. Thus leaves function as food reservoirs and give rise to new plants.

Some leaves are used as herbs. So leaves are important for humans also.

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