How Do Plants Make and Use Foods

Plants simple process of making and using foods.

The plants make their own food with the use of the sun’s energy. As the sunlight shines, the layers of cells in the leaf traps the light energy. A process in the chloroplast uses water and changes the light energy into a kind of chemical energy. The water is separated by then by the chlorophyll into hydrogen and oxygen.

The chemical energy is stored in the chloroplast. The chloroplast use this chemical energy to make food.

In the stomata, air from the outside enter the leaf. This air moves into the tiny spaces around the food making cells inside the body. The Carbon dioxide from the air will pass the cell walls and membranes of the cells. Then the carbon dioxide enters the chloroplast. The chloroplast use the chemical energy to make a special kind of sugar from the carbon dioxide and hydrogen. From the leaf, the plant carry sugar through their tubes in other parts of the plants such as stems,fruits,or roots.

Some other plants changes this stored sugar into the form of starch

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