Flowers and Plants for Christmas

It is nice to have flowers blooming even during the cold months.

There are few plants and flowers that bloom in the winter, even when it snows or freezes.

These flowers are beautiful to be added to a centerpiece or in a clear vase to bring a fresh note to your Christmas table.

One of the less demanding is the Hellebore, also called the Christmas Rose.
I have a Hellebore in my garden, now it full of buds, I am sure it will be in full bloom for the Holidays.
This plant need a very little maintenance, it is perennial.
In summer there are no flowers, but long green leaves. It only needs to be watered every two days.

Another winter plant is the witch-hazel (hamamelis), this is a shrub.

It has small yellow flowers, very fragrant, their odor remind those fragrances sold as “the smell of Christmas”.

It resists under the snow and survives during very cold winters.
It is a perennial plant.

The Poinsettia
Even if this is the most used as Christmas decoration, it is not a plant that can live outside in winter.
This specie is original of Mexico, in its native country it can reach 4 meters heigh.
The small plants that are sold during the Xmas holidays must keep it inside during the cold months.

Now I have to quit you, I am leaving for the day, see you tomorrow.

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