Autumn and Good Mood

Now the Autumn and are Increasingly found Articles about the Autumn spleen. But Check – you can Win the Spleen; it Would be for this Desire!

Now the autumn and are increasingly found articles about the autumn spleen. But check – you can win the spleen; it would be for this desire! Today, we have experienced it myself. Just could not go for mushrooms, and then decided to make another autumn stroll in the Botanical Garden.

And not much of it does not regret it! It turned out that today in the Botanical Gardens took place “Ball leaf fall!” – A family holiday to the music of the golden autumn. Performed various musical groups.

I really liked the team of young people who performed on guitars, mandolin, accordion and various pieces – from Indian folk to “Smoke on the water,” the legendary group Deep Purple.

Forecasters promised at next week’s worsening weather – snow, a blizzard…. “In the meantime, rejoice in the sunny days. A small slide show with the regular autumn walk in the Botanical Garden of Calcutta University.

Often, we ourselves can create a good mood, like to spoil it myself. Let us act wisely – to rejoice that we have and find a positive impression in the world around us!

Even the ducks are happy the weather is good and the opportunity to speak before the audience.

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