Beefalo = Buffalo + Cow and Seven More Amazing Hybrid Animals

How about taking a look at some of the amazing, unique, and incredible hybrid animals? These hybrid animals include liger, grolar bear, grizzly bear, leopon, savannah cats, sheep goats, zebroid, beefalo, cama.

Beefalo, leopon, zebroid, cama; what are they? Are you thinking that I am talking Latin or Greek? These are some of the amazing hybrid animals. Take a look at more amazing, astonishing, incredible, marvelous and unique hybrid animals.

Liger = Lion + Tiger:

 Image via wikipedia

I am sure you must have guessed liger is a hybrid of lion and tiger as soon as you saw the name. Liger is a hybrid of male lion and female tiger. They have inherited characteristics from both the lion and the tiger. Tigers love swimming while lions aver sociable; ligers have inherited both these characteristics. The size of the liger is equal to the size of the parent who is larger. Ligers have stripes like tigers and tawny background like lions.

A cross between female lion and a male tiger is called as tigon.

Grolar Bear or Grizzly Polar Bear = Polar Bear + Brown Bear:

 Image via wikipedia

This is a very rare hybrid and it is believed to be occurred in the wild. In the year 2006, a strange looking bear was shot; the DNA samples revealed that it is a hybrid between polar bear and brown bear. Such polar bear hybrids are referred to as Ursid hybrids.

Leopon = Leopard + Lion:

Image via readthesmits

Leopon is a hybrid between a male leopard and a female lion. The head resembles a lion while the body resembles a leopard. The first leopon that was documented was the one that was bred in India in a place called Kolhapur. This happened in the year 1910.


Scientific classification














Panthera pardus x Panthera leo

Source: Wikipedia

Savannah Cats = Serval + Domestic Cat:

 Image via wikipedia

Judee Frank, a Bengal breeder tried crossbreeding a male Serval with a Siamese domestic cat and the resulted hybrid is called as the Savannah Cat. This was named as a savannah cat On April 7th 1986. In the breed of domesticated cats, they are the largest cats. These savannah cats are loyal like dogs.

Sheep goats = Sheep + Goat:

 Image via virginmedia

As the name suggests, it is a hybrid between sheep and a goat. Goats and sheep belong to Capra and Ovis genus respectively. Have you heard of the term “The toast of Botswana?” The live birth occurred in the year 2000 in Botswana. A sheep was kept along with a goat and the sheep impregnated the goat. This is what is called as “The toast of Botswana.” This sheep was called as the “Bemya” by the locals. Do you know what Bemya means? It means “rapist.”

Zebroid = Zebra Mule + Zebrule:

 Image via wikipedia

A cross or hybrid between a zebra and any equine (zebras, donkeys and horses) result in a zebriod. Different types of zebroids include: 

  • Zebra (stallion) + horse (mare): zorse, zebra mule, zebrule or golden zebra
  • Zebra (stallion) + pony (mare): zony
  • Zebra (stallion) + Shetland pony (mare): zetland
  • Zebra (stallion) + any ass species (jenny): zebrass
  • Zebra (stallion) + donkey (jenny): zedonk, zeedonk, zonkey, zebronkey, zebadonk
  • Zebra (mare) + donkey (jack): zebret, zebrinny
  • Zebra (mare) + horse (stallion): hebra, horbra

Source: Wikipedia

In general, the body of zebroid would resemble the non-zebra parent and their legs will have stripes like zebra.

Beefalo = Buffalo + Cow:


Image via readthesmiths

Beefalo is a fertile hybrid between domestic cattle and the American Bison. This was created in the US mainly to increase the beef production. The meat of a beefalo contains less fat and cholesterol when compared with normal bison meat.

Cama = Camel + Llama:

 Image via jonco48

A cross between a camel and a llama is the cama. This was produced at Camel Reproduction Center by a process called artificial insemination in Dubai. The major motive behind this cross or hybrid is to create an animal that is strong like camel but co-operative like llama. Unlike camels, cama doesn’t have humps.

Hope you had a nice time reading these amazing hybrid animals.

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  9. Brenda Nelson Says...

    On May 3, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    the sheep goat hybrid has not been confirmed by science and has not ever been dupicated..

    I breed hair sheep, many people accuse me of owning goats, or goat sheep crosses but they are sheep.

  10. Jimmy Shilaho Says...

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    Nice post, I believe a time is coming when the whole earth shall be full of such animals.

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    Very interesting and researches share. Waiting to see something like, Humonkey, Hudonkey, mandogs, etc….

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    Strange… very strange. I wonder, who are the people who devote their time to this sort of science, especially when it doesn’t benefit them, for, say, food purposes? Fascinating information though, the leopon was particularly interesting looking.

  26. Lorrie Says...

    On October 14, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    OMG, all I know is, doing this is completely wrong…pretty much none of these animals would breed together in the wild..and man putting his hand in to is WRONG. I mean what’s the point? Most are infertile and can not reproduce to begin it’s own line of descendents, so to get more you have to cross breed more.

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