Beautifully Bizarre and Brightly Colored Aquarium Fishes with Impressively Enormous and Gorgeous Display of Fins

A list of fish species with unique fins.

The fishes on the list below are popular aquarium pets due to their bright coloration, unique appearance and flamboyant display of fins making them unique aquatic pets.

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1.) Red Lionfish: (Pterois volitans)

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The Red Lionfish is a beautiful and colorful coral reef fish with extravagantly pretty fins. The pectoral fin of this venomous beauty is presented in a distinctive fan-like shape. The dorsal spines of this species that can grow up to 43 cm long are separated and enormously long. The fish is also characterized by fleshy tentacles that protrude from both above the eyes and below the mouth.

2.) Zebra Lionfish (Dendrochirus zebra)

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The Zebra Lionfish, which is also known as Zebra Turkeyfish, is a uniquely beautiful fish with venomous spines. This carnivorous ray-finned fish inhabits the tropical waters of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. This scorpionfish that can grow up to 24 cm uses its venomous spines to defend itself. Peaceful and slow-moving but dangerous, this solitary fish who is not afraid of anything like to rest in dark areas like under a rock or a piece of coral.

3.) Sailfin Snapper (Symphorichthys spilurus)

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Sailfin Snapper, also commonly known as Blue-lined Sea Bream, is a brightly-colored and striped creature that occasionally makes its way into aquarium trade. This shy and solitary fish inhabits the waters between the Andaman Sea, Northern Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. Living at depths of 5 to 60 meters, it can grow up to 60 cm in length.

4.) Broadbarred Firefish (Pterois antennata)

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Broadbarred Firefish is a colorful fish with beautifully long fins and spines. It inhabits the tropical waters of Western Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. This unique-looking creature which is also well-known aquarium fish can grow up to 20 cm in length. This venomous marine animal prefers to live in lagoons and reefs. It hides during daytime and hunts crabs and shrimps during night time.

5.) Blackfoot Lionfish (Parapterois heterura)

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Blackfoot Lionfish is a colorful but venomous scorpionfish. This notable ray-finned species occasionally makes its way into aquarium trade. It can reach a maximum length of 23 cm.

6.) Devil Firefish (Pterois miles)

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Devil Firefish, more popularly known as Common Lionfish, is oftentimes mistaken for the Red Lionfish, its close relative. This fish with gorgeous display of fins and spines can reach a length of up to 35 cm. its dorsal fins are feathery and its pectoral fins are like wings. This dangerous fish due to its highly venomous spines inhabits lagoons and outer slope of coral reefs of the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and Red Sea.

7.) Twinspot Lionfish (Dendrochirus biocellatus)

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The Twinspot Lionfish is a beautifully-colored lionfish species with unique fins that look like wings. The Twinspot Lionfish occasionally makes its way in to the aquarium trade. This beautiful but somehow peculiar-looking fish is also commonly known as Fu Manchu Lionfish and Twospot Turkeyfish.

8.) Flying Gurnard (Dactylopterus volitans)

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The Flying Gurnard is one of the most beautiful and unique sea creatures, This fish that inhabits tropical to warm temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean looks spectacular with its wings.

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When the fish is on normal condition it is box-shaped in appearance and appears like a normal fish but when it gets excited, the fish spreads its semi-transparent wings tipped with a beautiful and phosphorescent bright blue coloration. Its eyes are large like Pufferfish.

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