Artificial Heart Built

Artificial Heart Built.

In the United States, scientists at the University of Minnesota, in the laboratory, there was an artificial human heart.

Organs, stem cells injected into the body, played dead in hopes of thousands of patients waiting for heart transplant surgery can be said.

Doris Taylor of the University of regenerative medicine, according to experts, people who have died from the heart, muscle cells, purified from behind, only a “ghost heart” was the skeleton of a tough protein called.

Then, the stem cells were injected into living skeletons.

“After throwing a couple of weeks”
Cells, heart cells begin to expand the success attached to the skeleton.

Taylor, “Hearts began to grow. Begin to show signs of throwing in a couple of weeks. All things still many obstacles in front of the building has a heart of work. But I think one day play some heart transplant organs can be used “he said.

The heart transplant recipients must take drugs to suppress the immune system of people throughout their lives. British doctors in 2007, a patient receives bone marrow stem cell heart valve produced.

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